Hi. My name is Ramona.
I'm 17 and I speak German and English.

My Fandoms:
Supernatural, Doctor Who, Merlin, Percy Jackson, The Host, ...


California by Kevin Russ

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Legends of a Fallen Angel

Read pls :)

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Arthur's Return - Dark!Merlin

Check this fanfiction out :* **happy ending**

Legends of a Fallen Angel

Please check this awesome Book out.

Arthurs Rückkehr - Dark!Merlin

Das Zeitalter der Drachen

Writing Contest/Schreibwettbewerb (Aug 2014)

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Arthur’s Return Fanfiction
Check it out :) http://w.tt/1rtPmhh


The Listener

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Why We Like Misha - Mishappreciation Day



We asked fans to tell us why they like Misha so much. That’s the result:

(in one or two sentences)

Ramona Mayer – Bavaria, Germany – Everything about him is great. He’s funny, kind and helps other people. He is inspiring.. so I think Misha got the perfect role because he actually IS an…

he’s a cool dad and intelligent person, and i love how humorous he is..

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If there’s anything worth dying for… this is it… - Dean to Castiel, 4x22 Lucifer Rising

Castiel Graphic Challenge

blueboxesblackcars vs. hallowedbecastiel

Prompt: Let It Bleed

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who even gets up at 6am by choice??? what does the world even have to offer at 6am???? the answer is nothing

I stand up at either: 5am, 11am or 7 pm… for work :/

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aaawwww omg so cute



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Adam Milligan Still in Hell?

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anything like that basically haha…

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